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Voice Search practices


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Voice Search practices

Post by Telnic on Fri 02 Jan 2015, 5:55 am

wax05-31-2014 01:10 AM

Voice Search practices
Challenge for best practice of Vocal Search for dot TELs with Voice assistant like SIRI, Cortana, etc

Because there are new players and application lining up for Voice Search from mobile, it might be high time on this forum to play a little bit, but consistantly and convergently , with SIRI , Google Search and upcoming Cortana , to display some (or any) dot TEL web site to be listed in top 5 results displayed as action #1 , to land on this dot TEL website by one further click as action #2 (and ideally to place a phone call if a phone number present on that page as action #3 but this is optional at this stage as one among many call to action when arrived on the dot TEL page) .

This could also be some way of demonstrating abilities of TELs, especially from mobile, surfing on capabilities of voice search engines to set long query sentence that may benefit to TEL ( instead of a typed combination of poor one or two keywords with Google deciding about what is finally the best search X what are best results for you...) , and to their potential aim at circumventing some leading search engines in future.

Let''s define some basic rules about these good practices for voice searches of TELs to share and promote.
They should in all cases lead to a dot TEL page url listed in the first top 5 result from the used search engine, once of course the user has "launched " the search on internet with the transcripted sentence as it is , without further edition of it (voice deciphering by SIRI for example, but you can set specific search engine in the sentence as options offred from SIRI).

We could set 3 levels of difficulties, level 1 being the most difficult one.

Voice Searches of type 3 allow to mention the gTLD dot TEL in the sentence (in any language). 
Should be quite easy for some TELs. Let this forum know what works well with SIRI and Google Voice Search, awaiting availaibility of Cortana.

Voice Searches of Type 2 allow to mention " TEL " in the phrase but without the dot , as this is not common language for Joe public to understand at first sting and therefore mention back, the dot presence and meaning in the "dot TEL"

Voice Searches of Type 1 do not mention TEL nor .TEL but deliver a dot TEL result in the top 5 url results listed by the search engine used, with a natural or supra natural phrase....

Purpose :
a) share best practice using voise search for TELs within the community
b) then promote such best practices, or your own example if you prefer, to the public or at least to friends, family, suppliers, customers and any people visiting your dot TEL website
c) potentially force, by multiplicity of trials and potential derived habits, some voice search engines which try to circumvent the Google domination in the chain , to better learn and integrate results from dot TEL in the mobile internet search era.

What do you think ?
Kindly share views on this and let's start improving experience in using voice search to reach whatever dot TEL , promoting your dot TEL at the same time.

A reasonable, practical , intermediary and necessary step before "calling dot TELs" one day...

supercyberheroes05-31-2014 03:40 AM

At Wax everything sound good, but everything depend on telnic, I will find out more about cortana.


wax05-31-2014 08:04 AM

I do not see where this depends on Telnic, but it depends rather on SIRI , on Cortana, which decipher voice in some ways .
But more interestingly as voice deciphering output is somehow mature and simple for Joe public, is that users can query through a "natural" intelligible whole search sentence that inputs a different set of entries to the search engine and therefore potential different angle of search when compared to incumbent i. couple of initial main words typed in within the search box , or ii. eventually , couple of keywords that were automatically modified or supplemented by Google to terminate the search to the most popular search, not to YOUR search. 

This why it is indeed totally different now when you finally DESCRIBE Siri what you want to find, beginning with "Search the web for" or "Do a search for." 

Interesting article has been issued some months ago about this local Voice Search Wars and The Opportunity For Businesses :


When Joe public discover he can easily basically find on his SMARTPHONE websites intended for contact details , that display well on his mobile (dot TEL is mobile responsive, yeah ok even if I agree it should still be further optimised by Telnic ) , that have phone number in it ( usefull content needed) ,WITH PHONE NUMBER DIRECTLY actionnable in one click or one touch through click-to-call embedded feature , on the contrary to 95 % of web sites, ........................then possibly this could deeply change the notoriety of TELs because of such ease of search/find/use from a smartphone while Smartphones continue to spread worldwide (Smartphones are a pre requisite for sure , as "feature" phone cannot support voice search so far.)

Then of course, once/despite nice practical & useful usecase , there will still be a need to get this evangelized, which can go trought the community capability to promote indirectly such findings on good practice, and possibly get also some positive official push from TELnic or from Telnames.

supercyberheroes05-31-2014 07:21 PM

@ wax I am with you now; 1 thing - if we build a .tel directory on pro we could have up to 3000 pages and around 285000 contact informations (3000X95) Siri will send us to a page with 95 contact informations , its not possible to see a separate contact information due telnic platform.

Interesting your SSIDs.tel how can I promote my movie.tel using SSIDs network - movie.tel is not a shop or restaurant.

Look forwards to hearing from you



wax06-01-2014 12:12 PM


Well yes however the goal is not that someone whoever he is, could pretend to build a .tel directory of 3000 pages (about 285000 records upon present limitation from TELnic) and claim this is THE directory for everything , this is useless. 
On the contrary there could / should be hundreds and thousands of relevant /practical .TEL directory showing practical information , typically for a given topic (www.movie.tel ,is a good example , why not) or a given geography, where people are SURE to get some information typically that match their mobile context and mobile display (main Value Added reason for vocal search) .

There are different ways to escape from the 300000 pages limitations other than talking to TELnic:

- From the top (in a directory tree vision), directory of directories is one answer.
- From the bottom (in relation to your legitimate point about 95 records = 100-5 "limitation" per page ) as per follow.
Indeed it is all the better when these directories work under a semi open architecture (bridging a fixed tree directory structure offered by the directory editor, supplying also general info, AND multiple one-page info either : 
-being a part of the pages managed by the directory editor -which brings in the task and duty to keep info updated in a addition to your point about "limitation" of number of pages or records- 
- or integrating multiple individual .TELs as "leaves" in the tree , typically third party single page TELs dressed by Value Added Resellers of Tel like Telnames or others , and which should be agreed-or-authorised-or-subscribed-or-sponsored as related to the topic of the directory, by the directory manager.

So back to the main story about vocal search of useful information in TELs (as single page dot TEL or single page within dot TEL directories, or subsections of such directories ) circumventing Google habits and rankings, it seems interesting as one could check after re reading the article above on SearchEngine Land that it might become high time to figure out how disruption introduced by Vocal Search from mobile now made available to Joe public, can directly be used to pinpoint a dot TEL ressource/site/page/directory BETTER* than some over internet ressource .

BETTER being at this point = reaching directly a dot TEL ressource Joe Public ignores until he browses on the site, just because he asked something to his mobile using his ordinary language, his mobile converting his sentence into a query string and pushing it (which user agreement/tap) to a given search engine, the search engine then searching what he is being told to (with possibly some upcoming war into further contextual manipulation at the search engine level ... or a what paremeters Apple/Siri adds or will add soon as additional "flaws" to the query string from Joe Public to ...better promote some given results ,rather than some other results...

Amazing games of large corporations and future of Internet because of mobile.

However in the meantime, and that was my suggestion, it might be relevant time to try to experiment Vocal Search for the sake and benefits of TELs and then push for some optimal way of asking SIRI for TEls .
Because obviously there are different level of "diffculties" this is why I suggested to split by difficulty level to compare what is comparable. Not sure it should also be splitted depending if you have SIRI, of Google Voice Search, or other popular Tools (which for Android awaiting pending Cortana for Windows) as finally when the sentence is recognised and entered at this moment (ie without hidden contextual parameters added by your mobile without you knowing it) results should not vary too much from the vocal recognition tool itself. 
Categories which were suggested :
3. with specifying .TEL in the query sentence =somehow the easiest for some 
2. without the dot of the .TEL, which is less easy , 
1.without specifying TEL nor.TEL in the sentence, which is most difficult, and supppose a very specific thema without concurrence for the .TEL , or a dot TEL with a very high RANK.

For Bluetooth branding of some SSID with your movie.tel , seems quite difficult as a matter of context, except when yourself go to some ...movie theater (you can brand your own Bluetooth SSId from your mobile if compliant , but do not ask me about ... reach then ;+)

boracay.tel06-02-2014 06:14 AM

why are we even contemplating this
the cth has no progress

wax06-02-2014 11:34 AM

Vocal Search is on its way, independantly from any CTH panel is it ?

I understand and also share the sadness...

But Voice Search is undoubtedly totally independant from CTH for pro TELs and from CTH from TELnames , is it ???

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