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Are UK small businesses being left out of the mobile boom?



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Are UK small businesses being left out of the mobile boom?

Post by Alex on Fri 03 Aug 2012, 9:15 am

It seems as if another week brings another astonishing report on the rise and rise of mobile internet usage in the UK.

Last month, Ofcom released new information saying that we now as a nation use twice as much mobile data (as opposed to minutes on calls and texts) as we did just one year ago, and the overall volume of mobile date used has doubled since January.

Whilst it might not sound that much, on average, a UK consumer now spends around an hour and a half per week accessing the internet on mobile devices, preferring this format to the PC for social media, consuming vast quantities of videos and sending messages (via email, text or social channels).

The UK mobile company Three commented in one article that 95% of smartphone customers are using data on a daily basis. This is in addition to information from the Ofcom report that found well over 40% of phone users had a smart phone.

Simply put, the phone is becoming the first and most important device, not just from a communications perspective, but from a lifestyle perspective. What used to be done on PCs is now done – in real time and in a much more agile way through the innovation in mobile websites and apps – on smart phones. The power in these devices is significantly more by a large factor than the first computers used to send a man to the moon. We now have supercomputers in our pockets!

This expansion and adoption of the mobile internet can only accelerate with the rapid adoption of tablets and iPads, as well as the introduction of a new, faster network (called 4G) that is intended to be rolled out in the UK in the coming months and years. What we think of as real-time today will be blisteringly fast soon.

Faster networks like 4G will be welcomed by UK consumers who are using their mobile devices to track the progress of the Olympic Games here in the UK (well it beats going out in the rain!).

It is, however, a shame to see that with all the news around the uptake of mobile internet usage that small businesses are missing out on this bandwagon. Here at Telnames, we believe we’ve solved this problem for less than £15 a year, enabling them to jump on the carriage and adopt simple tools to help them be more visible on mobile devices.

The number of small businesses that are realizing this is not rocket science is growing by the day, as you can see from just a small selection of featured customers on our Pinterest page. So rather than looking out of the window or checking if your ad is still in the yellow pages, why not join them?

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