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Nokia E8 - dialing not working


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Nokia E8 - dialing not working

Post by Telnic on Fri 02 Jan 2015, 11:56 am

tel4rent06-13-2011 05:46 PM

Nokia E8 - dialing not working
Hi Aled,

Hope you are well.

Again another problem we are facing on the ground with clients. Dialing a number using a Nokia E8 did not work. 

Your urgent attention on this issues is appreciated.


Aled06-13-2011 05:52 PM


So this is when you click on a number using the E8 that you get the issue? Does anything happen when you do click? Does the number work when you try with another handset?


tel4rent06-14-2011 10:02 AM


Yes it is an issue we are facing when we click on the number using Nokia E8. We haven't had the opportunity to try it on another Nokia E8 handset.

When you click on the number it asks you if you want to dial the number. You press Yes but nothing happened. I could not take a snap shop of the display but it seems that the id call script was repeated two to 3 time on windows that open.

Isn't it suppose to work on any device connected to the internet? It is very frustration to safe such issues when seating with clients specially that it is one of our key selling point. Hopefully you can fix it asap.

Aled06-14-2011 10:10 AM


I'm afraid if the device itself cannot handle the click to call functionality there's nothing we can do. We have coded the phone number so that it works with mobile handsets as I'm sure you have seen with other handsets. Could it be that the specific handset had a setting to enable this functionality, or alternatively that their service provide does not allow such calls to be initiated? From the description you have given that could be the most likely as the device is recognising that it is a phone number and trying to initiate the call.

Does anyone else on the forum have this model handset by any chance?

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