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my .tel page only shows my whois register email address


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my .tel page only shows my whois register email address

Post by Telnic on Fri 02 Jan 2015, 11:58 am

stephenenglish07-12-2011 01:20 PM

my .tel page only shows my whois register email address
Through my webhosting provider I recently changed my owner/name details of my .tel. This is now updated on “who is”.
When I go to my .tel in my browser it just shows a screen with my “who is” register email address. I still have access to manage the account but whatever I do I can’t get the page live in my browser. Any ideas

Aled07-12-2011 01:27 PM

Hello Stephen and welcome to the forum.

Did you also change your .tel username or transfer to another provider?

If you could mail the specific .tel affected to me I can take a look for you (cservice@telnic.org). The likelyhood is that your provider has not yet activated the .tel in your account. In your control panel is there a yellow warning triangle - this will be near the title/header area?

stephenenglish07-12-2011 01:40 PM

Hi Aled
Yes I now see a little yellow triangle on the right hand side after the .tel name in my control panel If I mouse over this it tells me the domain is not configured correctly :eek:

I purchased the .tel in a company name that no longer trades, I contacted my web hosting company and asked them to remove the company name but keep my name. I guess since this change it's not worked.

I'll email you the details
Best regards

Aled07-12-2011 02:00 PM

Thanks Stephen - it looks your provider has actually created a new account when making the change - have mailed you more details.

marimax07-12-2011 08:16 PM

I have this triangle on one of my .tel domains and this domain was registered with the same company and I did not transfer anything and when I contacted name.com they told me they can not do anything because it's Telnic's problem not theirs

Aled07-13-2011 09:04 AM


Can you send me the domain affected so that I can follow up with Name and get this resolved with them for you. If possible, the correspondence you had with them would be useful as well, so that I can ensure that the staff member who responded to you at Name is aware of what is actually required for them to resolve such issues.

stephenenglish07-19-2011 06:50 AM

Well, after much patience the issue is resolved.
After my service provider sent me many new login account names with passwords that did not work I waited a week and looked at the "who is" registered email address for the domain name and used the address in "forgotten password" link. This then sends you the current account account name and temp password. Once logged in, change password in "settings".
Thanks for the support.

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