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Biggest Misunderstanding



Biggest Misunderstanding is that

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Biggest Misunderstanding

Post by JLouisBiz on Sun 19 Aug 2012, 4:13 am

Mike, I wanted to answered this to your day off the work, but then it is here,
as I think, there is big misunderstanding between TEL owners and TELNIC:

- TEL owners have big expectations of TELNIC. This is probably due to TELNIC's promises and TELNIC forum and all the support and involvement of the community they tried to build in the beginning, and which now overall failed and is almost non-existent in comparison of what it was.

- The TEL owners are short-sighted, or naive, and cannot see other great solutions which are comparable to TEL domains, so they give too much praise to the TEL domain, forgetting that other ready and available tools are much more powerful. Tools such as Blogger, Wordpress, About.me, Wix and many others are simply more powerful.

- TEL domain failed in general as a new piece of technology which had to be accessible on all devices. What TELNIC does now is getting money to pay the outstanding bills. But there is little push to make again TEL domain hype. I guess there will be nothing more to see. TEL domain is just like a book, once published, many will buy it, and there is no continuous interest for it, and TEL domains are dropping I heard.

- And one of larger misunderstanding is how TEL domain was positioned. The TELNIC company tried to position the TEL domain as "new piece of technology" or "new way to communicate" -- they tried vigorously to fight against the perception that TEL domain is a website, as that is the perception TEL domain owner HAS simply.

IN THE END: TEL domain IS A WEBSITE as that is what TEL domain, new buyer, gets. A SIMPLE WEBSITE.

And now, let us review the what is the perception of DOMAIN REGISTRARS:

- If they would perceive TEL domain as truly new piece of technology, usable and profitable, they would work on it. But THEY DON'T. So I guess, domain registrars are perceiving TEL domain as YET ANOTHER CMS SYSTEM. And in general, they have to maintain various software and do more work for TEL domain then for other domains. With little marketing support, domain registrars cannot put much attention on selling TEL domains. Why would they? They can sell their OWN CMS system, and in comparison, give more to the user, than the TEL domain is giving to the user.

"I cannot place an image on TEL domain" -- IMO! Which other TLD is sold with the surprise that you cannot place an image on your domain??????

DOMAIN REGISTRARS perceive the TEL domain in way different manner than advertised by TELNIC.

TEL DOMAIN owners perceive it also as a website.

So, from 1000 people who buy domains and websites, I guess maybe 1 or zero will buy a TEL domain, because:

Individual/company in need of a domain, already know what it needs, and it is not TEL domain.
Individual/company needs a full website, not just a contact page.
Individual/company needs full control over the website, not just a contact page.
Individual/company has no clue who is TELNIC and what is TEL domain really.
Individual/company knows that TEL domain absorbs.

So, I think those who bought TEL domains in the beginning where:

Intellectual property owners
Geeks and people like me and you, who believed into new piece of technology
Domain traders
People with no clue about Internet

Geeks do not buy TEL domains anymore, not by that number as it was in the beginning. Maybe of developers are interested in the fantasy of "what they can do with TEL domain" and they develop such great software for "management of TEL domains" or other kind of useless scripts.

TEL DOMAIN is by the public perceived as YET ANOTHER SMALL AND STUPID CMS.

And by comparing SMALL AND STUPID CMS to other available and FREE option such as Blogger, Wordpress, About.me -- TEL domain is simply loosing it.

TEL domain is a small and degraded website with own domain. And the majority of the future buyers of TEL domains will be only:

People with no clue about Internet

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