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Official Android and iPhone TEL domain Apps



I can say about Android and iPhone offical TEL domain Apps only

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Official Android and iPhone TEL domain Apps

Post by JLouisBiz on Sun 19 Aug 2012, 4:44 am

It was TELNIC back in 2009/2010 which advertised how TEL domains will be accessible on all devices. Even now, they are in my opinion, grossly misleading any new TEL domain buyers, by advertising here on their page:
following text:

"Gain a powerful and effective
Mobile Presence"

Let us review how powerful and effective it really is. The poll may also show some insights of that.

I cannot access App Store to see the statistics, maybe someone else can.

But I can access Google Play store, so official apps are:


And .tel superbook

My.tel has 33 reviews. I mean 33 reviews out of which are comments like: "It does not work, doesn't even get to login screen, crashes after splash screen, the app crashes immediately, seems like .tel is going down the pan, cannot open app, crashing", and finally from someone: Meh it works, and by andy.tel (the TEL investor) "Awesome".

Now, compare these independent and by TELNIC uncensorable reviews on Google Play with the TELNIC's misleading advertising on their website.

And what about the .tel superbook?

As advertised by TELNIC, TEL domain owner gets "Powerful mobile presence". I don't see what is so powerful with TEL, as it displays large and truly badly designed mobile web pages, worse than what was Internet in 1995.

But let us see, how superbook is super and how powerful it is.

In comparison to my.tel, the superbook gained ONLY 3 reviews. IMO? Superbook is supposed to be the "powerful" application which gives TEL domain owners so much exposure.

But with 3 reviews, hardly...

One of the comments is: "Very poor implementation, it should be tightly integrated/linked natively with the Android addressbook."

Incompatible with many devices, superbook will basically never truly be present on some considerable number of iPhones and Android devices.


During the last 3 years, TELNIC has not done much to improve the downloads and presence of the official TEL apps on iPhones and Android devices. Few users are using it. Apps are in general not even working well, and certainly not on all devices. Development is stalled.

There is nothing powerful in TEL domains in comparison to Wordpress (14000 votes on Google, in comparison to 33 for my.tel or 13 on Superbook).

There is nothing powerful in TEL domains in comparison to About.me which has its iphone app, which is free, offers free business cards, and have EVERYTHING what the TEL domain has (except the stupid DNS design): http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/about.me-for-iphone/id500230347

And so on and so on, compare it to Tumblr, Blogger, TEL domain is simply nowhere in terms of the Android or iPhone applications.

It is time to slowly stop thinking how TEL will ever become successful and to understand that TEL is nothing but YET ANOTHER STUPID CMS website. See: http://www.teltalk.org/t393-biggest-misunderstanding#1618

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