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Historical archiving - comments, tweets, other..


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Historical archiving - comments, tweets, other..

Post by fustachio.tel on Sun 19 Aug 2012, 8:09 am

I would like to see an attempt at telnic introducing a tag format for 1 hidden none cp editable link, specifically tailored to approved 3rd party sites with access to update and view .tel data that's not public and who wish to facilitate archiving "tel life" data based on a .tel openid login.
I suggested this before but I was expecting telnic to make the control panel archive everything so that it could be retrieved and modified thus updating 3rd party sites, a more cheaper solution and one which would give 3rd party developers control and an opportunity much like twitter with its latest tweet viewable on a 3rd party site, would be to have 1 hidden link thats tagged and periodically updated by websites where we make comments.
Just like wordpress has the ability to notify blogs they have been linked to this record would be for the basis of allowing archived services to be notified where a new comment has been made on a 3rd party website thus sending a spider from the 3rd party developer to collect the comment for archiving.
To reduce heavy load on checking the .tel for an updated record the telnic CP would have to ping the service api of a 3rd party archive service to let it know the link has been updated and to read it and follow to collect the data.
I would then expect telnic to allow its cp to view the data from 3rd party archives, even going as far as developing their own php scripts to give out that we can run on our own domains, thus allowing the imported data if belonging to a corporation a more secure option.
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Re: Historical archiving - comments, tweets, other..

Post by JLouisBiz on Sun 19 Aug 2012, 8:30 am

Good idea.

But in comparison of what TEL really is, yet another stupid CMS website, the proposal falls into area of fantasy.

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