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99% of the internet is meta-cultural rubbish?


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99% of the internet is meta-cultural rubbish?

Post by fustachio.tel on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 3:48 am

I want to thank telnic/telnames for making me realize that 99% of the Internet is unnecessary meta-cultural rubbish and that I have unwittingly been taking part in shaping and filling in that unending blackhole that is and was a waste of my valuable time, by this I mean self-treasured interpretations that are copies of other copies and under drives the quality content aka something that is not worth my time to sit, watch and re-share and or any interest of mine to follow or recreate for popularity or any other fictitious and fanciful goal, and that with a .tel I feel that it's for people that care about the quality of content and care about being direct and to the point with visitors, and I hope customers in the future.
I now believe that I firmly wish that what I contribute onto the Internet to hold value to not just myself but of others without all the unnecessary serp abusing self-garnishing & self-promotion spam, it was always a belief of mine to do more for others than I expect back but I think with telnames becoming one page I've moved into a minimalism mindset of that I don't need anything more than the ability to share as cross directly as possible.
By this I mean it's my firm hope that telnames becomes not just another aggregator of my content to share to other trash social networks, but is my content and life stored as necessary and shared directly through hardware lookups with those who seek my point of view and my creations.
I also don't believe critical mass really matters, many of you complain that .tel is not reaching it's potential but I challenge you to look to yourselves and ask are you reaching your own? as is it not the point of a .tel to hold a repository of your potential so that others can find and judge the quality? and hire you? or invest in a future with you? and should that not be your priority? rather than worrying whose not using a .tel? worry about your own content not the lack of others interest? as those who seek your pov will find you if your just get on with it.
Also the rest of the inter-public might believe theres value in facebook and other social networks but I don't find it meets the basic expectations I held, without compromising who I am and becoming a waste of my time, I'm nearly 30 so I feel it's about time I make use of my time more efficiently and .tel will do this for me as it should do for you .
So that's why I'm all in with .tel now (my other sites aka blog and services are redirected) and all out with facebook and other social media that didn't meet my social expectations, this is maybe different for others as you all have different backgrounds but I don't need others to define who I am I do it myself via a .tel, however I will keep twitter as I still require a public voice but I'm not under any illusions of privacy with twitter like I was with facebook or quality of use, it is what it is like me I am what I am and will be.
So thank you telnic for allowing me to realize the benefits of a more focused and point driven existence.

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