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The technology behind .tel



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The technology behind .tel

Post by Alex on Tue 04 Sep 2012, 6:53 pm

This article was automatically translated from Polish.

Sometimes we use many different services and applications that are the basis of action is not always aware of. Domain. Tel is unique also in terms of the complexity of the system, which is required for its operation. To learn more about its capabilities is helpful to understand the information, which are the most important services of the system .tel.

Much of the information on the general principles of operation of services associated with the domain. Tel can be found on pages TelDomains.pl service. Described this time details are complemented our knowledge and allow a better understanding of the entire infrastructure needed to support this specific domain.

Basis, the DNS

Most of our domains in the world to set an A record that points to the server (specifically - maps a domain name to an IP address) that supports all the requests from the users: web download or ICMP response.

$ ping mateusz.tel -c 1
PING mateusz.tel ( ) 56 ( 84 ) bytes of data.
64 bytes from redirector.nic.tel ( ) : icmp_req = 1 ttl = 55 time = 47.3 ms

$ ping telnic.tel -c 1
PING telnic.tel ( ) 56 ( 84 ) bytes of data.
64 bytes from redirector.nic.tel ( ) : icmp_req = 1 ttl = 55 time = 47.9 ms

You can see that in the case of domains. Tel record A is common to all , because web pages are generated via the TelProxy that retrieves data directly from the DNS system.

So content is not stored in the HTML and PHP, but in special records DNS NAPTR, TXT and LOC.

NAPTR includes contact information: phone, email, web pages. TXT responsible for any descriptions, headers and content ads. Whereas LOC determines the geographic location. It's hard to believe that even though the DNS specification for many years to take into account so unusual records, this is just the domain. Tel the full use of their potential .

To see what it looks like in practice.

For TXT:

$ dig mateusz.tel txt +short
".tkw" "1" "hi" "Domeny internetowe, programowanie, webhosting, sieci komputerowe."
".tkw" "1" "nl" "" "fn" "Mateusz" "ln" "Markiewicz"
".tlb" "1" "100" "113" "Linki"
".tsm" "13" "dds" "Mateusz Markiewicz"
".tsm" "13" "pddx" "0" "color1" "#ffffff" "color2" "#70a3f5" "color3" "#b8abb8" "color4" "#004691" "css" "2" "pss" "2" "hml" "1" "htl" "1" "gan" "UA-22153716-1" "log" ""

Entries in this ad:

$ dig _ad.mateusz.tel txt +short
".tia" "1" "3" "100" "img" "http://teldomains.pl/wp-content/themes/revolution-code-blue/images/telnic_banner.gif" "uri" "http://teldomains.pl"
".tia" "1" "6" "100" "img" "http://teldomains.pl/wp-content/themes/revolution-code-blue/images/telnic_banner.gif" "uri" "http://teldomains.pl"


$ dig mateusz.tel naptr +short
100 106 "u" "E2U+x-im:xmpp" "!^.*$!xmpp:mateusz.tel@jabber.wroc.pl!" .
100 113 "" "" "" projekty.mateusz.tel.
100 100 "u" "E2U+email:mailto" "!^.*$!mailto:mateusz@markiewicz.tel!"


dig telnic.tel loc +short
51 31 5.240 N 0 8 2.544 W 0.00m 10m 2m 2m

Of course, nothing prevents to add other records, such as MX (responsible for identifying the server that hosts e-mail). Only the A and CNAME modification is not possible.

Choosing web hosting for your site is also guided by location of servers so that users who use it will have the least possible delay in its opening.

So where are the servers responsible for the domain service. Tel? There are 5 DNS servers located in different parts of the world. For safety reasons, do not give Telnic accurate information about their position. It is highly probable, however, said that at least one is in Europe or North America. TelProxy servers responsible for generating sites in the world are located on the same basis as DNS servers.

Telpages, the search

Telnic offers for sites in the domain. Tel your browser . It is accessible from all sides . tel (You can block or limit your search only to your own site) as well as at Telpages.com

How it works and why it was introduced? Every 24 hours a special bot visit all the pages contained in the domain zone file. Tel Then follow the links leading to the subdomains. queries are executed directly by the DNS , without TelProxy, so the logs will not be able to find information on visiting robot. All parties to the .tel registry can thus always be searched using the current information . In the case of external search engines (such as Google and Bing), less popular sites are visited by fewer spiders, which can cause difficulties. In addition, the search makes it easy to search the content on each page visited. Tel

Speaking of search engines, always worth paying attention to privacy issues. If you are not indexed TelPages any site to which it is impossible to get (directly or indirectly) from the home page. Any hidden sub-domain will not be so visible in search results TelPages.

.tel as a web page - TelProxy

As I mentioned earlier - the .tel domain users are not able to move his hand to support your own server. All data are given in DNS, and for their processing and display is responsible TelProxy. Special software retrieves the DNS server information (including information about the template defined by the owner) records as TXT, NAPTR and LOC, and then places them in the HTML and displays it in the form of a traditional website ( version for fixed or mobile , depending on the user-agent browser).

Only elements such as images and CSS files are stored in the cache (for two months), with the proviso that the browser is responsible for controlling changes. Data contained in the domain are never stored.

TelFriends - control access to information

Standard websites offer us a variety of options to block access to private content (eg. Htaccess files, user authentication via a script works with database). As in the case of a domain. Tel is not possible to use the same solutions, it was necessary to create a software responsible for the management of private parts. Each user has the ability to block access to parts of their data and assign appropriate permissions only to some of his friends, colleagues or family. At the top of each site. Tel is the link to log on to TelFriends in order to obtain access rights to private content.

Other points of interest

In many ways the domain .tel different from all the other services in the world today. The exception will be the same way to store information and share special API allows full access to them (the situation is similar in the case of TelFriends and TelPages).

I do not lack the features in common:

  • information about all created domains and new registrations can be found in the domain zone file. tel . To get free access to it should fill in a special application that can be found on the website of Telnic,
  • how to handle e-mail is the same as everywhere else in the administration panel or via the API, you can add MX records for mail servers, taking into account, of course, their priorities,
  • domain are offered through accredited by ICANN registrars.

Source: TelDomains.pl


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