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.TEL Briefing Paper



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.TEL Briefing Paper

Post by Alex on Wed 05 Sep 2012, 6:55 am

.TEL Briefing Paper
For Trademark Holders and Agents

October 15, 2008


Web: www.webnames.ca
Toll Free: 1-866-470-6820
Telephone: +1.604.633.1142
Email: corporate@webnames.ca

In an age where there are more ways to communicate than ever before, .TEL is a welcome new technology
which promises to simplify the way people keep in touch. .TEL offers more convenience for customers
wanting to connect with businesses irrespective of device or method.


.TEL is a revolutionary new way to store, manage and exchange contact information for
businesses and individuals. It offers a way to store a limitless number of contact points attached to
a single address (eg myCompany.tel), which is easy to remember and can be used by any internet
enabled device including smart phones, VOIP systems and web browsers.

.TEL provides companies with a single point of contact for life, requiring only one entry in an
address book. Contact data is ‘live’ so updates by the owner are seamlessly propagated to
customers who do not need to update address book entries.


• .TEL offers simpler access to contact information and ease of maintenance
• .TEL is available and relevant to both businesses and individuals
• .TEL offers more utility than discrete contact tokens such as telephone numbers, e-mail
addresses and web addresses, while requiring only one entry in an address book
• .TEL is usable by a wide variety of devices and applications
• .TEL can direct people outside the company to connections within a company more
efficiently than existing technologies
• .TEL is likely to replace telephone numbers and web addresses as the primary contact
token in marketing and advertising across all major forms of media.


.TEL stores contact information directly in the Domain Name System (DNS). This robust
technology infrastructure is responsible for all domain name related technologies and proven over
more than 25 years of use.

Three standard DNS record types are supported:
• NAPTR records store contact information
• TXT records store text
• LOC records store location information using latitude and longitude

While the .TEL is technically a Top Level Domain (TLD), it doesn’t behave like other domains.
The A record, which typically resolves to a web site must, under the Acceptable Use Policy point
to a TelHosting server that ensures consistent behaviour across all .TEL extensions. Entering the
.TEL domain in a web browser will result in a homogenously styled and structured page served
by a web proxy. While all .TEL’s look the same in a web browser, the data is determined by the


TelHosting comprises a suite of software, policies and rules that allow the domain owner to
manage the data, within a policy framework, and govern how data may be stored in the DNS.

Presently Telnic, the sponsoring body behind the .TEL is the only organization offering
TelHosting, however an API (Application Program Interface) will be released before the end of
the year that allows accredited TelHosting partners to develop third party interfaces that may
extend management models, as well as hosting .TEL domains.


Data associated with the .TEL can be configured according to a privacy framework created by the
owner. Through the TelHosting interface, the owner can determine what information to associate
with the .TEL and who can see the information based on security groups the owner defines.
Individual .TEL owners may choose what information to be shown to the general public.

For both individuals and businesses, a process known as “Friending” allows a member of the
public to request access to non-public information. The request involves submitting a name and
email address as identifiers, together with a message to the domain owner. The domain owner
manages the “friending” requests through the TelHosting interface and either denies or grants
access to the requestor by assigning them to a security group. The security group determines the
information that may be seen.

The security model is built on a private/public key exchange between users. Private contact data
is secured using 1028bit encryption. A requestor does not need to be a .TEL owner but if not, they
must create a “friending” account providing minimal personal information.


.TEL owners may elect to structure data hierarchically. This works well for international, regional
or departmental organization, but can be equally useful for any data that can be compartmentally
organized. Owners view the organization as a set of folders through the TelHosting interface,
which translates into a series of sub-domains when viewed by an end user. For example, an
international hotel chain could use a single .TEL address to manage contact information for every
116m adison.newyork.usa.6seasonshotel.tel


Profiles can be used to display similar information under different circumstances. For example, a
business may prefer to present a different set of contact information or a different preferred
method of contact on a weekend, after hours, for statutory holidays or at different times of the
year. For individuals this might be change based on work hours or vacation time.


An "Eligible Trademark" is a trademark or service mark that has been registered, where the
registration meets the following criteria:
• The registration is issued by the competent public authority or intergovernmental
organization referred to in the Sunrise Application;
• The registration has national effect;
• The application for such registration is filed prior to the 30th May 2008; and
• The trademark or service mark was registered prior to the date that the corresponding
Sunrise Application is submitted to the Registry.


The Validating Agent for considering trademark applications for .TEL is Deloitte.


.TEL Sunrise trademark applications are effectively world wide. In cases where more than one
application is received for the same trademark, the name shall be awarded to the first eligible,
validated application. In cases where the first received application for validation is rejected, the
registry will submit the next complete Sunrise application, based on the timestamp of when it was


Applications rejected by the Validating Agent may be eligible for reconsideration by the
validating agent, subject to the rules of the Reconsideration Proceedings and an additional
reconsideration fee. The applicant will have 10 days to file a challenge.


Names that are not covered by an eligible trademark may be protected by registering them ahead
of General Availability in the Landrush period. Landrush registrations start approximately seven
weeks before General Availability and carry a premium price. Landrush registrations are open to
the general public. As with Sunrise, Landrush registrations and pre-bookings are considered on a
first come, first served basis.


Domain name disputes are governed by ICANN’s Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution
Policy (UDRP).


Sunrise Registration
Trademark holders only
December 3, 2008 - February 2, 2009

Landrush Registration
Early registration opportunity at a
premium price
February 3, 2009 - March 23, 2009

General Availability
Open registration at a regular price
March 24, 2009 - Ongoing

.TEL Pre-booking
Advance booking with Webnames.ca
for all registration phases
September 26, 2008
Sunrise: till December 2, 2008
Landrush: till February 2, 2009
General: till March 23, 2009


Current pre-book activity levels with Webnames.ca are growing. At the time of publication
prebooking numbers range from several dozen to several hundred daily.


ICANN The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers is the international
organization responsible for the oversight of and coordination of the Domain Name
System and Top Level Domains (TLDs)
Telnic – Telnic Limited is the .TEL Sponsoring Organization responsible for
implementing certain policies relating to the .TEL domain
Neustar – Neustar is the operator of the domain name registry and DNS resolution
systems for .TEL.
Webnames.ca – Webnames.ca is an ICANN accredited registrar certified to offer .TEL
domains to the public on behalf of the registry


Webnames.ca is a domain registrar with a long history of managing non-standard domains like
the .TEL. Original founder John Demco operated the .CA registry for 13 years before transferring
operation to CIRA in 2000.

Webnames.ca Managed Services Group manages domains on behalf of some of the world’s
largest companies and most popular web destinations. The Managed Services Group is available
to offer expert assistance with .TEL policy and can undertake the management of bulk
submissions, saving clients time and helping to ensure accuracy and full compliance with
validation criteria.


Additional resources and links regarding .TEL and all phases of registration can be found at
http://www.webnames.ca/tel including:
• Sunrise Policy and Guide
• Acceptable Use Policy and Sunrise FAQ
• Examples of pre-release .TELs
• Guides, demonstrations and articles


Toll Free: 1-866-470-6820
Telephone: +1.604.633.1142
Email: corporate@webnames.ca

Source: DocStoc


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