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At least do one thing?


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At least do one thing?

Post by whatthetel on Tue 22 Nov 2016, 4:41 pm

Dear Telnic

I know you have no interest in what we need or want, or are even going to be dealing with us in the future
but can you at least do one thing? its not going to cause a flood of requests but its a security request that should be implemented.


Install Google Authenticator 2 step on the control panel login page, most services are using this now.

I know cost might have been an issue before for SMS but emails are free so I don't know why that was not implemented that way before,
at least this is installed on peoples phones if they want to protect their accounts, or could you not have linked it into the telnic app to receive a code for free before?.

Why should I be able to use it on my registrar to protect my domain account but the same registrar that hosts the telnic control panel does not have it installed on the control login page? or has not even requested that telnic implements it? yet tel is touted as your most important and up to date contact information.

If these domains are supposed to be representative of our contact information, and of which is important to protect from being changed unlawfully eg redirecting people to premium phone numbers or scam/fake/cloned websites, why is there nothing on there for 2 step to protect from unauthorised logins?

Maybe you have something implemented but we don't see it, and it would be a comfort and reassurance if implemented.

Thanks for your non consideration.
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Re: At least do one thing?

Post by as on Tue 22 Nov 2016, 8:39 pm

Right, two-factor authentication is a must-have nowadays.

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