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4 Ways To Stand Out at a Tradeshow



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4 Ways To Stand Out at a Tradeshow

Post by Alex on Tue 11 Sep 2012, 1:22 pm

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

What makes a trade show booth stand out from all the others? How can you stand apart from the usual tactics and stick in the heads of attendees for the significant future? We are always looking for fun or innovative ways our customers use our products and market their business and as usual this is another area we were not disappointed! Below are some interesting trade show tips real customers have used to make such a lasting impression.

Tip 1. Use Social Media

The team at Telnames stress the importance of telling fans and followers in social media far in advance that you will be present at the trade show.

They tell us, ‘don’t forget to utilize social media before, during and after you’re there; people who can’t attend might want to know what’s going on, and people who are there may also be following Twitter hashtags and swing by to see you.’

Creating a hashtag for your presence is a great idea and it can be promoted at the booth and on the T shirts of staff. Tweet about the interesting things you have going on at your booth, make your posts personal and engage with your followers one-on-one.

The Telnames Team

Tip 2. Look the Part

Perhaps the most important point we can learn from Clothes2order customers; wear a uniform!
Creating a professional impression is vital and potential customers will be judging you on your appearance. This means wearing clothing with your brand displayed on it. It will visually distinguish staff from competitors and other attendees and show they are proud of the company they work for.

Tip 3. Create a QR code and put it on the uniform

You can create a T-shirt with your company’s name or logo on it – or you can take it one step further. Why not include photos, your URL or include a QR code!

Using QR codes on trade show uniform is the latest way to make it easier for people to contact you. Unsurprisingly some of our brilliant customers have been in on the secret for ages!

They generated a QR code and put it on uniforms. With the vast majority of people carrying smart phones to trade shows, users scan the code to ‘collect’ and store event information including exhibitor profiles, contact details, brochures, information and prizes.

Such a tactic will both help you generate leads from your trade show presence as well as give you a away to track results from the events.

Why not have a go?

And the final tip from our entrepreneurial community:

Tip 4. Don’t worry, be happy.

The team at Telnames tell us, ‘Hire positive, enthusiastic people who have the stamina to last a day with a grin on their face. It is important that they are able to comfortably talk to people as well as walk around the show, handing out discount cards exclusive to the show, which can be redeemed there or after, reinforcing your branding after the event’.

Remember your staff are the brands greatest ambassadors and need to be well trained and confident talking about what you do.

Do you have any tips we’ve missed?

Source: Clothes2order


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Re: 4 Ways To Stand Out at a Tradeshow

Post by mikeseaton on Tue 11 Sep 2012, 2:05 pm

Telnames Ltd do seem to be attending quite a few trade shows in the UK.

What about Telnic Ltd ?

NO - none at all !

So what does that tell us - given that many of the staff (certainly the CEO, CFO, CMO) are the same people ?

Telnames single-page .tels will be ACTIVELY marketed to the public.

Telnic subdomain-style .tels will NOT be marketed to the public.

So how can you expect to sell a Telnic .tel for anything other than peanuts when your potential customers will only ever come across Telnames .tels being marketed ?

Answer - You can't !

It's not rocket science - just pure logic !

Junior Member
Junior Member

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Re: 4 Ways To Stand Out at a Tradeshow

Post by Teler on Tue 11 Sep 2012, 3:15 pm

TelTalk wrote:
The Telnames Team
Telnames is a great success! Check the girls! I will buy whatever they have to offer! And I love the third from the left!

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Senior Member

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Re: 4 Ways To Stand Out at a Tradeshow

Post by fustachio.tel on Tue 11 Sep 2012, 4:55 pm

So start selling collated data like facebook does, .tel is no different than any other website that sells itself as a resource of your/brand quality content, you just need to fill a gap and partner up rather than sitting around waiting for .tel resales that won't come because you're not providing the service they really need.
For instance I believe you can't sell apple.tel but you can sell any other .tel domain with collated data that's regularly updated of all apples stores and numbers, as that's public information and valuable in the correct structure.
To explain further I find from my own perspective that it's too time consuming and too hard to develop these sub domain sites being in my context of a niche that's reluctant to provide such information, however if you're focusing on brands/businesses then there's plenty of information that's public and no reason you can't have your own Facebook page harvester app that if someone does not want to lift a finger you can extract it for them when they join your service and link their .tel to their other social services through you.
This I would have thought would be the priority for developers here still pining about .tel sub domain development, to go out there in real life or on the web and get data to resell to them, someone should have by now found out how to collate it correctly into an xml ready for company X, Y, Z to enter their brand name to buy an import.
It's not rocket science for some of you business experts here (I'm not insulting I do believe some of you own actual real world businesses) to start another small company that collates data and partners with telnic to offer it back to them at purchase, when they enter their brand name, aka to all ready have masses of their public data ready to be auto imported at the tick of one box that will slightly increase the price but lets you get a nice regular cut for basically reselling data they all ready own but can't be bothered to sort and prioritize.
So in conclusion you really should be absorbing data of well known brands that might be interested in getting a .tel and you collate it so it's updated automatically and ready for apple or other brands to just pay you $50 for the .xml or link for a direct regular import when they buy it from a registrar.
As for telnic they did promise an easier way to import rss feeds and other such data but I would have thought by now someone would have produced a system that allows me to choose what type of .tel I own by category like "TV/Movies" "Games" then to enter my or other peoples rss feeds and or dumps of mysql data into it and produce a clean xml with a valid quality structure, and pay for the privilege of not having to really lift a finger other than to click what X, Y or Z will be and where to extract the header information from with one bulk click.
I know one of you did some bulk importer but it's not marketed enough that I remember it or it doesn't seem to be available without signing up, really things need to be partly free without a signup and pay for the final rendering or go for a full partnership and get telnic to sell the data or another registrar along side the domain they sell, though in the end the privilege to not lift a finger can be easy as a valid service can have the ability to control someones site thus the focus should really be on collating data brands might need and being ready to hand it over with very little fuss.
If you really want money it wont come easy you'll have to do something to get it as .tel is not a flippers paradise, unless of course you're interested in learning about flipper and other celebrity dolphins then sometime in the future you might find that resource through a .tel while you're pointing your iphone 40 at one in the Bahamas.

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Re: 4 Ways To Stand Out at a Tradeshow

Post by Sponsored content

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