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Telnic Ltd. officially declares NEGATIVE NET WORTH !

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Junior Member

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Re: Telnic Ltd. officially declares NEGATIVE NET WORTH !

Post by Blunderer on Sun 02 Apr 2017, 3:42 pm

Sunrise wrote:@Blunderer

Thank you for sharing your opinion.
I'm also thinking about what's the best thing to do.
What do you recommend with the new situation (the combination of Telnames Telhosting and web hosting)?
Should we accept the unlucky .tel history and try a fresh start?
If yes, should we ask the forum administration to delete all irrelevant information on this forum?
I could imagine that the forum owner has also some interest in an improved environment for .tel.
What other ideas do you have to help .tel?

Taking your questions in order:

I have been using both .tel and Telnames in the development of my business plan. The loss of sub-domains has set me back but, Telmasters have products to help me overcome this, and the new .tel sites are useful for hosting contact info, Terms and Conditions, instruction videos, etc., so I will be using all resources available, as appropriate to my need. Shahid also has a team beavering away, to produce a hosting and site building package for .tel domains so, overall, I see no need to throw myself off a bridge.

As to accepting history, I'm very much a "don't look back" sort of person. Worrying about the past disrupts the present and future. Fresh start? There's no alternative.

Hide previous posts? No, history is history, and it's clear that many of the posts on this site are by people who have invested a great percentage of their personal assets - wealth and time, and are very anxious about the waste of these.

With regard to ideas - I have a few, and, as I did in Telnic's newsletter in 2010, and frequently in the old, old Forum, I will share them as they prove to be viable. However, I won't raise any false hopes yet since I'm not entirely satisfied that I have covered changes necessitated by the withdrawal of sub-domains. If it works then it would be to my benefit to share, so I will - in 4-6 months, hopefully.

.tel, in all versions, is designed to be of particular use when combined with an internet connected mobile device. I have resisted the temptation to think of my holdings as premium domains, and completely ignored a future involving websites for websites sake, and concentrated on what people use their phones for, and whether or not their need could be better met through a .tel site (and now a website designed to look and function like a .tel site). At the end of the day, if nobody found it better/more convenient/reliable to use one of my sites then I would have been wasting my time.

(sorry, don't know how to get rid of the duplicate quote)

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Re: Telnic Ltd. officially declares NEGATIVE NET WORTH !

Post by maxi on Sun 02 Apr 2017, 4:59 pm

Sunrise wrote:What will waiting for Telnic's bankruptcy bring?
Sunrise, I am sorry, now I see that in your last post I missed a word "waiting".

Waiting, imho, will bring nothing. But knowing, that most likely nothing will change till that event, can bring some savings. : )

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