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Opened & Hash links


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Opened & Hash links

Post by fustachio.tel on Wed 12 Sep 2012, 3:39 am

I don't know if anyone is listening, but could we get an Open hash url?
http://furtainment.tel/#open or http://furtainment.tel/#view for linking to our .tel when we want to focus someone on the background and not the contact data?
Don't need closed tags just some way of specifying to focus on a particular piece of content without too much of a mess, I hope that would then be extended to highlighting sections of our data aka http://furtainment.tel#video http://furtainment.tel/#hours http://furtainment.tel/#methods without causing any duplicated content issues.
I yelled about it before by comparing it to wiki hash tags and forum hash tags, but it's been hard to explain at the time for what ever reason my mind was journeying in.
But with the new open and close header it makes it easier to say it would be nice if that high lighted content could appear in the middle of the page like the header stays open at the top, aka separated from the other hidden content to give an impression of presenting it to a viewer who can like with the header click to see the full page with the highlighted content back in place.
For highlighted content it would also be nice if we could keep the share this .tel links under it to round the box off at the bottom but also to actually focus on sharing that piece of content not just the whole url, so that others may view that offer, deal, photos, background, payment methods, about me info etc.
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Re: Opened & Hash links

Post by TelWorld on Wed 12 Sep 2012, 5:00 am

this make more sense for the
pro .tel from Telnic?

As we know Telnic doesn't develop pro .tel anymore,
hence this won't happen soon.

But very helpful anyway:

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