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Selling .TEL Domains at SEDO


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Selling .TEL Domains at SEDO

Post by mikeseaton on Wed 15 Mar 2017, 10:24 am

I have sold many domains at SEDO over the years and have decided to start actively listing my .TELs there now that "Normal DNS" is available to us.

I am using SedoParking (which runs AdSense-style ads on a shared revenue basis) and an example is http://www.Coins.tel - as you can see SEDO have not yet coded their parking pages to display ads on .TEL domains - I have a Support Ticket in with SEDO for this - once sorted it will display like http://www.DiscountGolfWorldwide.com

The page that really matters at SEDO when you are selling domains is the "BUY THIS DOMAIN" page which can be seen at https://sedo.com/search/details/?domain=coins.tel

It's important to explain to possible buyers that .TEL was liberated on 13 March 2017 so I am putting this narrative into every .TEL I park and list at SEDO:

From 13 March 2017 you can set the .TEL Nameservers at your Registrar to any value you choose, meaning your .TEL domain will operate identically to .COM, .NET, etc.

The only difference with the easily-remembered .TEL extension is that currently it is substantially cheaper than the equivalent .COM, .NET, etc.

Please feel free to copy this description and use it when listing your own .TEL domains for sale, on SEDO or elsewhere.


PS. Nameserver settings for SedoParking are ns1.sedoparking.com and ns2.sedoparking.com

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