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5 Simple Strategies To Get Your Website Ranked One Page 1 Of Google



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5 Simple Strategies To Get Your Website Ranked One Page 1 Of Google

Post by Alex on Wed 12 Sep 2012, 11:17 am

On 11st September 2012

In today’s article we are going to learn 5 simple link building strategies that will help us easily and ethically rank on page one of Google.

The 5 strategies are:

  1. Keyword Rich URL
  2. Press Releases
  3. YouTube Videos
  4. Regular Blog Posts
  5. Website Directory Submissions

Before we dive into the five strategies it is important to first understand a few things:

  1. Why it is important to have a keyword rich URL
  2. What are backlinks and how do they affect our website ranking on Google?

1. Keyword Rich URL

A url is simply a website address. Example: www.name.com is a URL.

Google is heavily dependant on keywords so we always want to strive to get a keyword rich URL. If we wanted to create a website for dog training then the ideal keyword rich URL would be www.dogtraining.com; this URL clearly expresses the purpose of the website. Search engines always give us extra points for having a clearly descriptive website address.

These days simple website addresses such as www.dogtraining.com are hard to find, but with a bit of creativity we will always be able to find some website domain names that will be available and contain our main keywords.

So the first step in ranking well in Google is to make sure we have a keyword rich website domain.

Now let us explore what backlinks are. Backlinks are simply links from other websites that are linking back to any page on our website.

In regards to site engine optimization, or SEO, the more backlinks our website receives the higher it will rank in Google. But this is just a basic explanation; there are actually several critical elements we need to understand about backlinks.

All backlinks are not created equal. The value of a backlink is dependant on which website it is coming from.

If we have many backlinks from low ranking websites, then Google will not place much importance or value on them; meaning those backlinks will not help us to improve our rank in Google.

If, however, we have many backlinks coming from a popular and credible site that is ranked on page 1,2,3,or 4 of Google, then those backlinks give massive credibility to our site, and Google will bump our website up the ranks as a result.

A backlink is like a personal referral; it basically tells Google our website is credible. Just imagine a celebrity figure giving you a referral. It would give you a lot more credibility than if a homeless person gave you the same referral. The concept of backlinks works the same way. The more popular the website our backlinks come from, the more credibility our own site gains.

Another example would be: If we had a backlink from www.Oprah.com, it would give us a lot more credibility than if we had a backlink from www.underwaterbasketweaving.info.

The final important concept to understand about backlinking is that the backlinks must be nonreciprocal; this means that the sites linking to our website must not require us to link back to their site.

Understanding the concept of backlinking is crucial component for building an effective SEO strategy for our website.

The basic rule of backlinking is this: We want as many high value ‘one-way’ backlinks linking to our site as possible. When Google sees that we have many referrals from valuable websites, they will conclude that our site is valuable as well.

Google’s main mission is to provide search engine users with the most relevant, quality information online; when we help Google understand that our website is valuable we emerge as winners.

Now let us get back to the remaining 4 strategies of site engine optimization that will help us rank well in Google.

2. Press Releases:

Google loves press releases and places a lot of value on the backlinks they create. A press release is simply a newsworthy announcement. A press release is any form of media such as an article or a video that is announcing a piece of news. Press releases are usually brief articles that are around 500 words long, but can be shorter or longer.

Anyone can write a press release. We may write a press release about a new book we have just published, a new video we have just created or a new product that we have recently released; there are no limits to what we can write about in our press releases it just comes down to our own creativity.

The simplest way to think about a press release is that it is a piece of content that will become a high value backlink that is pointing back to our website. The great thing about press releases is that we can place three to four links in each release; this means that for every press release written, we have 3-4 links pointing back to our site.

As mentioned before, we only want backlinks that come from credible websites. The most popular website for press releases is www.prweb.com.

When we write a press release on www.prweb.com, it gets distributed to hundreds and sometimes thousands of websites all over the web. This means that for every one press release we create, we get hundreds or even thousands of high value ‘one-way’ backlinks pointing back to our website.

Google rates website values from 1-10. 10 is the highest value. YouTube.com has a rating of 9. Prweb.com has a rating of 7 which is very high. When we have many backlinks from prweb.com, which is a value of 7, this gives us massive credibility to our site and Google moves us up the ranks. The more press releases we create the higher up in the search engines our website will climb.

Prweb.com is a paid service. There are other less costly services as well as some free options, but the main thing to remember is to have press releases that are coming from high scoring sites.

3. YouTube Videos

As we observed before, YouTube.com has a website score of 9 so we want to have backlinks from YouTube pointing back to our site. YouTube is owned by Google, so Google loves to see YouTube links or videos pointing back to our websites.

The way to create backlinks from YouTube is by including our website link in the description area of the videos we create. It is important to note one detail: Our website address must be the first thing written in the description area, otherwise it will not be a ‘clickable’ link.

An example of a proper YouTube description:

http://www.name.com Build a website easily using our user friendly website builder. In just a few easy steps you can be on your way to creating a beautiful website.

As you see, we wrote the url first before we typed out the description; always remember to write out your YouTube description in this format. Also note that all links must start with: http://

Another useful tip is to embed YouTube videos directly into our site, this will also get Google’s attention and help us with our SEO efforts.

4. Regular Blog Posts

This strategy is very simple and straightforward. Google values websites that post fresh content on a consistent basis. We must always strive to add new content to our site on a regular daily basis. This simple strategy is neglected by most people; do not underestimate the importance of consistent content creation when it comes to site optimization.

5. Website Directory Submissions

The final strategy we will use is: Website Directory Submissions Services

What is a web directory?

Think of a web directory as an online catalogue of websites that are categorized by topic. Web directories provide links to websites that are listed in similar categories.

Directory submission services come at a very low cost and create hundreds of valuable ‘one-way’ backlinks to our websites. This is one of the easiest, most cost effective ways to create hundreds of quality backlinks to our site. A great service to check out is: www.directorymaximizer.com

By using these 5 simple strategies your website will eventually climb the ranks and ethically rank on page one of Google.

Source: Name.com


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