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Telnic asks for Feedback !


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Telnic asks for Feedback !

Post by mikeseaton on Tue 28 Mar 2017, 7:27 am

At the bottom of a recent email from Telnic (confirming a new .TEL domain registration had been added to my single Telhosting account) was the message:

P.S. We are always open to feedback! Have some? Tell us at hello@do.tel

So if you have any Feedback regarding the current Telhosting etc send them an email.

For normal technical support their contact email address is cservice@telnic.org

My experience since the 13 March liberalisation of .TEL is that Telnic do respond to emails sent to these addresses.


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Re: Telnic asks for Feedback !

Post by Boracay on Tue 28 Mar 2017, 7:53 am

Also, you can leave a REVIEW in the App Store.
With a star rating. 

0n the latest iOS, in the App Store you can start a thread on the App Store listing.
support then can give feedback to any issues.

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