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What is .tel?

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What is .tel?

Post by ixida on Sat 08 Apr 2017, 2:32 pm

  1. Technology Enhanced Learning
  2. Another symbol for ETV6
  3. A NYSE stick ticker symbol for a global electronics component manufacturer
  4. A standardized test of economics nationally norm-referenced in the United States for use in upper-grade levels of high schools
  5. A gasoline additive to make leaded gasoline
  6. An Internet service that allows access to the resources of 48 European national libraries and an increasing number of research libraries
  7. A semiconductor equipment manufacturer
  8. A mobile missile launch platform
  9. A line of the Singapore MRT.
  10. An alternate name of a village in Iran
  11. A URI scheme used e.g. on the Web to link to telephone numbers
  12. A parameter in the hCard microformat
  13. A major Israeli city
  14. A village in Azerbaijan
  15. A tributary of the river Mahanadi in Orissa, India
  16. An abbreviation for telephone
  17. A type of archaeological mound created by human occupation
  18. A language
  19. A nickname for Terry Venables, English football manager
  20. A domain extension

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