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What we miss from Telnic so sadly!

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What we miss from Telnic so sadly!

Post by Spocky on Thu 13 Sep 2012, 9:02 am

What are the most important success factors for new technologies?

1 - Flexibility

I don’t know any other TLD which is more restricted than .tel!
While some software development still happened in 2009 and 2010, since 2011 very few things are happening!

2 - Openness

I don’t know how many developers are employed at Telnic; perhaps 1 or 2?
And nobody else is allowed to improve design and software for .tel!

3 - Enthusiasm

I don’t see anybody with real personality representing .tel!
Justin and Henri have been enthusiastic in 2009, but have you heard anything from them during the last 12 months?
Meanwhile all other parties outside Telnic are frustrated and keep only complaining.

4 - Awareness

Currently no marketing, no momentum and no distribution!

5 - Innovation

Providing a plain and boring .tel design surely isn't enough. We need new services which nobody else provides.
Can Telnic start with that please?

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Re: What we miss from Telnic so sadly!

Post by fustachio.tel on Thu 13 Sep 2012, 9:39 am

1 - Flexibility: Telnic are working on telnames to provide for their customers needs, originally we're not supposed to be their customers the registrar who sell them to us is as they're a re seller with the ability to provide a custom service/proxy outside of telnics pov on what .tel is, aka we're supposed to ask the registrar we paid not telnic for features and they either pass it on to telnic or they decide enough people are asking for X,Y,Z so they run their own proxy for us outside of the public proxy telnic runs.
As for flexibility that's not the point of a .tel template as it's supposed to be a quick and easy to use system, not making us spend hours and hours deciding on a template and what x,y,z to use.
I've personally spent way too much time on my original .tel until I got the fact that I don't need too neither do I need a regular website that was also taking up too much of my time.
You may not be as fussy as me but many people are and like with about.me it's rigid structure brings out the best as there's less to worry about when competing with others, aka you're only as good as the content you pass through it, and that's where you have control other than choosing a handle/url, aka like with twitter you have control over what you publish on that platform, and with a .tel this platform is set so everyone has an even playing field and can get on with it quickly.
These other services that .tel is being compared to with multiple ways of doing things only confuse the end customer, as the more options you add to change how data is displayed the more people fuss over making it look better than their competitor than focusing on the content.
If you take out an advert in a newspaper the size you usually get in some papers is set, you can have a slightly larger space if your willing to pay for it aka like with telnames if your willing to pay you can have those features, but your control is defined by what you are willing to pay for the space to create in.
3 - Enthusiasm: They could just pay a celebrity figure to promote it, if you look at twitter those celebrity figures are constantly being paid like £10,000 or more to just mention a product to 1million+ followers, and that's likely quicker than waiting for word or mouth or spending £10,000 on marketing by leaflet drops or driving around with a loud speaker.
Though I believe there was a warning or ruling that celebrities have to mention it's an ad but using "their own .tel! and promoting it" while being paid to do so is not really an ad right? "wink, wink"..
5 - Innovation: This is what telnames is doing, as for niche customers they need it provided by the other registrars, asking telnic to innovate when they are for those willing to pay for it is like asking grass to grow faster, I'm not willing to pay more for the public proxy I like it being cheap I'm only willing to pay more for those domains I care most about not my entire portfolio thus asking telnic to add more features to the public proxy only increases our costs and I'm not for that.
So if the issue is with the public proxy well they also can't do too much on it or those registrars would never bother when their customers complain, it's about time the angry mobs about face and ask their own registrars whats going on? and why they're not innovating when they are absorbing your money like a fatcat in a oven tin being egg basted (I'm not for cruelty to animals but bankers/greedy executives are another story).
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Re: What we miss from Telnic so sadly!

Post by Tely on Thu 13 Sep 2012, 9:47 am

Spocky wrote:I don’t know how many developers are employed at Telnic; perhaps 1 or 2?
I don't know either, but at least a few people seem to be involved in software development:
Huw Stead
Sudhir V.
David J.
Henri Asseily
No Name
Sam O.

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Re: What we miss from Telnic so sadly!

Post by Sponsored content

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