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5 year locked in base price for redirects


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5 year locked in base price for redirects

Post by fustachio.tel on Thu 13 Sep 2012, 10:49 am

Many of us hold portfolios of domains that are just redirecting and intend to hold them indefinitely as such, these could be short urls of our brands or for shortening personal .tels, many of the staff at telnic also have these as well so I'd like to see telnic offer those of us who have held a domain as a redirect for 5 years and meet a set requirement that it is not for reselling at a later date, to be able to buy direct from telnic aka I would guess though telnames bypassing the other registrars to get the cheapest base price so we're not spending excessive amounts of money for features we don't need.
As in some other threads I've come to the realization that adding more features to the public proxy will drive up the price on domains I don't use other than as a redirect and would appreciate a price structure that bypasses these middle man registrars and one that locks me in to paying upfront to maintain that bare minimum price that telnic would be willing to accept for domains not using resources.
It would be nice if this could become an official add-on to telnames in that we can specify a short URL tel for our brands and personal .tels and buy in chunks of 5 years as a price add-on to the existing primary .tel.
Eg I own furtainment.tel when I go to edit it at telnames it would be nice if there was a box where I can enter a short URL to redirect to it eg like fur.tel that I own, and pay for it without having it as a separate whole domain listed in the control panel that I have no intention to ever edit or develop and is a waste of any resources it uses by being registered as such.

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