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Please allow 5 subdomains for Telnames

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Please allow 5 subdomains for Telnames

Post by Telnamer on Mon 17 Sep 2012, 2:50 pm

It is obvious Telnames was not created for the development of directories like the domains from Telnic.
But subdomains are a requirement for a full service of any website.
SMBs must have the ability to present descriptions about their company, products, team, testimonials and philosophy nicely arranged.
Telnames doesn't need to provide 3,000 subfolders like Telnic.
The ability for only 3 or 5 subfolders would help a lot and would enable adequate websites for all customers of Telnames.
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Re: Please allow 5 subdomains for Telnames

Post by kprobe on Mon 17 Sep 2012, 3:17 pm

I agree. Telnames would be better with a few strategic subdomains, as you say for products, testimonials, team depts etc. SEO would also benefit if Telnames had the ability to prompt owners to create an additional set of targeted SEO subdomains, eg product-region with some minimal content. Nothing much to populate, just enough to trigger Google's attention.

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