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Dot Tel Domains and viral video

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Dot Tel Domains and viral video

Post by Phillipe on Thu 20 Sep 2012, 9:56 pm

Dot Tel Domain Name System technology uses the Internet to provide contact information quickly and accurately in the form of directory Web sites, individual Web sites and corporate websites. In a year that has been available, has been adopted slowly. This article examines the possible strategies in the medium viral video for Dot Tel bringing the broader public attention and business.

Dot Tel is useful, but its adoption appears to be slow and that it failed to capture the attention of a wide cross section of the public and business entities. A viral video urging people enough to forward it to other people. These people in turn forward it to their people and so on until a single video can be seen by hundreds of thousands or even millions of people.

There have been some attempts to Dot Tel registrars and owners to create viral videos of Dot Tel technology, but these attempts have largely failed to attract the attention of YouTube.com, the best place for videos. The promoter of the technology, Telnic, the UK, has produced some video content as well and visions have reached several thousand, and at best 13,000. It seems that none of the videos released up to now have any type of hook, or the reason for people to send the video to other people.

A good example of a viral video success is the video of Britain Got Talent Paul Potts, the now well-known tenor. The video comes on stage looking quite heterogeneous, and by the time he leaves the audience in the palm of his hands and he has impressed the judges tremendously. His video was seen by millions on YouTube.com. Such appeals VIDEO emotionally, but it is much harder to record emotionally when you create a video for a business.

An attempt at an emotional appeal in a business that was the ice cream company Haagen Dazs. It has developed a campaign for the disappearance of reasonably well-known honey bees. These were men dressed as bees play a rap song about the problem of Colony Collapse Disorder. This had an emotional appeal centered on the fact that our food supply depends significantly on the bees. People are naturally inclined to worry about the animals (insects) and for the environment. The video has gotten a little 'traction going on YouTube.com over one million views.

With Dot Tel, the situation may be a bit 'harder. The only emotional content in an environmental technology. Dot Tel, unlike its competitors - Yellow Pages and White Pages, among others - does not require the card for users to obtain directory information. This hook has not yet been used properly and is a significant advantage. This is an opportunity for the wider public interested in technology. This issue should be taken long to Green Dot Tel lead further into the public consciousness.

Another example of the possibilities of viral video could involve the construction sector. Dot Tel has a real advantage in projects for the realization of the project contact immediately available, and a large project. A video that could potentially go viral inside the building and construction sectors would be a 'before and after' clip on a construction project.

The first scene may contain builders, subcontractors and project partners involved in the fishery around pieces of paper containing the contact information on the project. Some of them would find their pieces of paper out of date. It may fall and tail stairs to get to the computer only on their level of project. The video after would imagine a scene more calm with manufacturers and partners of the project just to get their phones and connect to the web site of the project Dot Tel. With a couple of button presses to reach the person they want.

I believe that this approach could be good for Dot Tel because it shows a real and demonstrable value in the technology itself. Not only leaving the viewer to understand why they need a Dot Tel. People do not want to think too hard when viewing video, but a true point value will be followed and transmitted within a market sector.

In summary, there are opportunities to use viral video to enhance the penetration of technology into the public consciousness Dot Tel. They should be used early brought to rapidly develop this technology domain .......

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Re: Dot Tel Domains and viral video

Post by mikeseaton on Fri 21 Sep 2012, 8:26 am

Phillipe wrote:Dot Tel Domain Name System technology uses the Internet to provide contact information quickly and accurately in the form of directory Web sites, individual Web sites and corporate websites. In a year that has been available, has been adopted slowly.
So this article was written 2.5 years ago (given that .tel launched March 2009) ?


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