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Do you need subfolders at Telnames?



Do you need subfolders at Telnames?

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67% [67%] 
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Total Votes: 6
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Do you need subfolders at Telnames?

Post by TelFan on Tue 02 Oct 2012, 6:39 am

As I have noticed this is one of the most discussed topics about Telnames.
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Re: Do you need subfolders at Telnames?

Post by silvano on Tue 02 Oct 2012, 8:17 am

Telnames is an (expensive) resellers of .Tel domains.

As Novatel and Telchina, has its pesonalized template with images, video, background.

Other resellers sell the Telnic templates with subdomain.

It is a matter of personal choice based on purposes and personal tastes about the site that you want to create.

Personally I think that, saw the cost of Telnames' domains and their limits, there are better solutions.

Free solution with one of the various sites like about.me, flavors.me, dooid.me...

For a fee, by taking a domain with another extension like .mobi, .pro, .name, .info, .com... where everyone can put everythig: photos, video, background, music, pdf, coupons, QR Codes, all the necessary pages...

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