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Telnic is supporting the long-term success

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Telnic is supporting the long-term success

Post by Teler on Wed 10 Oct 2012, 8:24 am

Many early prospects for .tel haven't be able to register their desired domains during landrush and public availability, because other people have been faster registering them

Telnic had to face a lot of complaints, because domain investors blocked the registrations of great domains for serious customers

Because of this situation the interest in .tel has been low in early years

After a few months of development Telnic reconsidered how valuable domains could be reactivated and had a great idea

Immediately Telnic have stopped all development for .tel, so early .tel buyers have begun to wonder what .tel is good for

After no reason was able to identify for buying or holding a .tel, domain investors have started to drop even the best domains

Since the registration period for landrush domains has been 3 years, Telnic waited until the first time period for these domains has been elapsed in March 2012

Now valuable domains started dropping and one month later Telnic was ready to launch with Telnames their first major improvement, and now better suited customers are able to register good domain names which have been occupied in 2009

Unfortunately not all landrush domains have been dropped until today

To give domain investors from the early days the possibility to let their investment from 2009 go, Telnic don't provide the new Telnames design to these customers yet

As soon the early customers have lost their interest completely, the product is set up to be developed as everybody would expect it

A great side-effect is most early participants from 2009 who are only complaining will just lose their interest in .tel - and so the unpleasant response from frustrated customers will disappear automatically

After this shakeout Telnic can start to develop .tel in all its glory - with a much more acceptable clientele

Please forgive me any kind of satire - I've tried to be as realistic as possible
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Re: Telnic is supporting the long-term success

Post by Telnamer on Wed 10 Oct 2012, 8:39 am


You always turn the facts around, but there is always some sense in your comments, too.
Actually domain investors are not good for .tel, because they are just wasting their domains.
Luckily with Telnames this situation has been changed and mostly real customers are coming in (who are developing their .tel immediately after registration).

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Re: Telnic is supporting the long-term success

Post by mikeseaton on Wed 10 Oct 2012, 9:33 am

@Teler - great conspiracy theory - I just don't believe Telnic are as machiavellian as you seem to think they are !


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Re: Telnic is supporting the long-term success

Post by Sunrise on Wed 10 Oct 2012, 12:57 pm

It sounds crazy, but this story could even be true.

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Re: Telnic is supporting the long-term success

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