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The time is now!

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The time is now!

Post by Killing on Sun 14 Oct 2012, 4:28 pm

In 2009 Telnic was able to sell 200,000 right from the start.
The question is why people immediately started to buy tel-domains, although Telnic had nothing useful to offer.
3 years ago it was not possible to build good looking websites and no service was using tel-domains for telecommunication solutions.

Probably the most buyers have thought tel-domains are just a new technology and they wanted to make sure not to be left behind in case something useful would be created with them.
Unfortunately only slight improvements have happened and tel-domains from Telnic still have no usage until today.
That is the reason why so many early buyers are dropping their tel-domains now.

But meanwhile the development has enhanced extensively from a different company (owned by Telnic) by launching a useful mobile website with the offer from Telnames.
After waiting for 3 years slowly it becomes visible what tel-domains can be used for.
Considering the big increase for mobile websites and future improvement Telnames have the capability to become a market leader in this segment.

Telnames is still very new and most users have never heard of them.
Telnic have never made much marketing and Telnames is doing even less advertisement.
The very few marketing activities from Telnames are focusing on a small group of customers in a very narrow region (and limited to the UK) and without targeting a wide reach.

That explains why it takes some time to sell the product in bigger amounts during the first months.
In addition the technical integration of tel-domains in any telecommunication solution still hasn't happened yet; but that doesn't mean it won't happen later, because the DNS can evolve to the most important information hub on the internet in the future.
Despite all this the solution from Telnames has superb qualities, and probably it will reach a wide market penetration after more and more people will discover and use their own tel-domains.

If you want to take advantage from the low degree of popularity for tel-domains, you have to do it now before Telnames will become a hit and start a big expansion.
Right now it is still possible to register valuable tel-domains, especially with the already dropped tel-domains from the early buyers.
I recommend not waiting for long anymore, because in a few years all good tel-domains will be taken!

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