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telpages business & life challenges search commercials.

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telpages business & life challenges search commercials.

Post by Bunjie on Mon 07 May 2012, 3:31 pm

What I really haven't seen done yet is a true marketing commercial for tel search we've had the 'lady' give out her .tel 'name' and a few others but that's not really search, I've also seen many none .tel adverts and programs that compare products aka about how item X contributes to your survival like for instance satellite phones where they go to an extreme location and test it's features and who can do X,Y,Z the quickest with the best results, or other products that in given situations are better than their rivals.

This is best done by an independent person / show so that it's based on fact and not made up fiction but runs the risk of being fail if not enough .tels take part in updating their information, to get them to take part and make sure it's updated telnic should promote the incentive they might be 'featured' in that commercial if the 3rd party person is looking for something from them to over come those challenges so it would be wise to populate it.

SO hears the plan, telnic has http://telpages.com telnic hires a tech savvy individual to make some videos, urban survival, job survival, life survival, business tasks aka each featuring a theme people can identify with having lived through and using .tel http://telpages.com search to find a solution to over come that challenge.

Simple, effective and gets people and businesses understanding how they can 'find' what they need through http://telpages.com rather than messy competitors who might lead you to spam sites or sites that don't give you what you need asap or that cowboy builder who will leave you with a hole in the wall and one draining your pocket.

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