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Post by maxi on Thu 15 Nov 2012, 4:49 am

Today I got a letter from dashworlds_com. Is it possible to use their domains for something useful?
Bigger than "DOTCOM"

Brand New "DASHCOM" Domains Released

All the Best Addresses are Back
(eg: httр://sports-com and httр://luxury-net)

Get Yours Today. FREE at Dashworlds.

Dear maxi,
DASHWORLDS are now offering the Brand NEW DASHCOM Domains totally free. Only recently released, if you're quick, you could own some of the very best of Internet addresses around. Don't miss out. Be first to claim free "COM" and "NET" domain names that you thought were taken long ago.

Why not register truly memorable websites like httр://jazz-music or httр://scary-movies. They're available in any language or text (and you won't even need to use the "www." prefix either). Yes, they're all free. Try them and you'll be amazed.

Remember, with DASHWORLDS you get all these no-cost products and services:
* Free Domains Names - (any language or text)
* Free Create Your Own domains and TLDs (any language or text)
* Free Control Panel for domain forwarding via URL, IP and DNS
* Free Domain Transfers
* Free Website Hosting (coming soon)
* Free Templates and Website Builders (coming soon)
* Free DNS (coming soon)

More New Products and Services Coming Soon

Kind regards


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Re: DASHCOM Domains

Post by Expert on Thu 15 Nov 2012, 5:31 am

Great business idea; thx for sharing!
The big disadvantage is you have to install a software plug-in for your browser to view the DASHCOM domains:
Remember, DASHWORLDS operates a Private Network and you will need to upgrade browser to see DASHWORLDS domains and add a new dimension to your Internet.
Nobody without the plug-in will be able to open these web addresses.

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Re: DASHCOM Domains

Post by fustachio.tel on Thu 15 Nov 2012, 5:38 am

The darknet is a dangerous place, full of hackers and people looking to evade government censorship for more than just out spoken reasons.

A similar type of thing, http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2009/nov/26/dark-side-internet-freenet

That said I now own httр://furry-com but I wont ever install the plugin, I was just curious as to how their site works and will let it expire in 1 year because it seems like some kinda fiddle-faddle, though if you're a member of a group who want's to chat and avoid being seen by regular users then this is great for you.

Though I think you're sane and not a member of any right wing etc etc etc who would need to use the darknet.

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Re: DASHCOM Domains

Post by Sponsored content

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