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Should we give up .tel?

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Should we give up .tel?

Post by Rambo on Sun 18 Nov 2012, 5:14 am

Telnic has proven the following facts:
- .tel won't be developed in the interest of their customers: All requests get rejected and the product is developed at a glacial pace!
- .tel is not interested in their customers: Shutting down all communication and no answers to questions or complaints!
- Telnic is not interested in participation of external partners: Developers are not allowed to help improving .tel!
- The popularity is not intended to be increased: Telnic makes no marketing and Telnames is playing around with small radio ads in Bristol!
- Telnic doesn't have a concrete business plan: Experimenting with founding new companies instead of starting important projects and finding partnerships with famous services!
Should we continue wasting our time and money with a TLD that has been given up by its provider?
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Re: Should we give up .tel?

Post by Moonlight on Sun 18 Nov 2012, 5:32 am

I guess this feedback is more directed to the activities at Telnic, but not valid for the product at Telnames.
Telnames has launched a great looking template and a great app in 2012. In addition they try some new marketing channels.
This definitely shows .tel hasn't been given up. Only the right way for the breakthrough hasn't been found so far.
But obviously .tel is moving on - and with the new Telnames product a success is imaginable.
I even expect Telnic will provide a smilar product not so far in the future.

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Re: Should we give up .tel?

Post by mikeseaton on Sun 18 Nov 2012, 8:20 am

It's very confusing to newbies - which is not the best way to sell anything (a confused customer will often give up and go elsewhere) - but those who are regular readers of this forum will be aware that Telnic and Telnames are the same organisation.

At the risk of repeating yet again, if you have the...

- same CEO
- same CFO
- same CMO
- same Offices
- same Key Staff
- same Source of Funding (the $35,000,000 raised by Telnic initially)
- same Shareholders (Telnames Ltd. is owned by Telnic Ltd. shareholders)

...then it is a nonsense to suggest thet the creation of a seperate "Limited Company" status is anything other than a method of getting round any restrictions placed on a registry's activities (such as selling domains direct) and/or leaving the way open to an eventual sale of the Telnic registry operation but keeping the Telnames domain registration side.

Any decision to market the Telnames template and to not market or further develop the Telnic templates is a decision made by the organisation Telnic/Telnames - so no more pretending please - Kash (CEO of both limited companies) has made his decision which can only be interpreted as the Telnames template is the future way for the .tel project.

So don't expect any significant further development (apart from the odd tweak and bug fix) of the Telnic templates - it's just a shame that Telnic/Telnames has not (so far) announced a low/zero cost mechanism to enable those with Telnic templates to move to the marketed Telnames one.


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Re: Should we give up .tel?

Post by fustachio.tel on Sun 18 Nov 2012, 8:35 am

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Re: Should we give up .tel?

Post by Tel on Sun 18 Nov 2012, 8:40 am


Right! Why should we give up? .tel will be great soon!

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Re: Should we give up .tel?

Post by Sponsored content

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