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Telnames Mobile Website Builder Backgrounder

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Telnames Mobile Website Builder Backgrounder

Post by Tely on Thu 22 Nov 2012, 12:06 am

The new Telnames Mobile Website Builder app offers a fast and easy way for customers to create,
share and manage a mobile-optimized website using just their iPhone – all for only £14.99 per year.

Designed with small business owners in mind, the Telnames Mobile Website Builder empowers all
small business professionals to get their business online and mobile-ready without devoting
significant resources or incurring unnecessary expenses.

The application eliminates barriers by offering small business professionals an affordable, allinclusive and technically simple way to immediately start capitalizing on the explosive growth in
smartphone adoption and mobile search.

In just a few simple steps, the Telnames Mobile Website Builder allows small businesses to purchase
their own domain name, publish content and connect with existing customers, as well as be indexed
in search engines to reach new customers.

About the Telnames Mobile Website Builder

Available via the Apple App Store, the Telnames Mobile Website Builder delivers everything small
business professionals need to market their business online.

Customers can create and manage a full online profile of their business with contact information,
links to social media profiles, business logos, a map and address of their location, promotional offers,
photos and a video. They can also choose a background image for display on tablets.

The £14.99 per year subscription to Telnames includes:

• Cost of your .tel domain name and hosting
• Everything you need to fully populate your site
• Sharing of your presence via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email
• Email based technical support
• Ability to link your .tel name to Google Analytics

There are no hidden costs and the entire site is optimized for a mobile experience, making any
business easier to find no matter where prospective customers conduct their search.

The Telnames Story

Over the past decade, the growth of desktop and mobile internet access has fundamentally changed
how businesses attract customers. Consumers can now easily locate businesses online through
search and while this was traditionally done on a computer, the rapid growth in smartphone
adoption has meant consumers are increasingly turning to their mobile phones because of
convenience and anywhere access to information.

In order to attract new customers, businesses, particularly SMBs, must have an online presence that
is mobile friendly. The ultimate way to do this is to own your own place online with a domain name
under your control, which search engines see as more authoritative than a listing on a third party

Research has shown, however, that 58% of small businesses in the United States don’t have a
website (Google), and only 2% have a mobile-optimized website (Kelsey). Something is broken.

Current offerings for online services available to small business professionals are either expensive,
complex or too time consuming for most. This process makes many hesitant to dive-in even when
they realize that an online presence is critical to their business.

Small business professionals need a solution that is affordable and easy to set-up and maintain. One
that allows them to engage with customers directly using social media – building a connection and
increasing the likelihood of return business. They are in search of a solution that eliminates barriers
to an online presence and creates opportunity for their business.

Telnames: A New Business Model

We believe that small business professionals need a place they control online that lets people know
what they do, where to find them and how to reach them. Telnames is leading a revolution never
before seen in this industry with a concept that is simple, all-inclusive and affordable.

Telnames has simplified the process of buying, setting-up and managing an online presence by
delivering a unique solution that’s fast, easy and very affordable.

With the launch of the Telnames Mobile Website Builder app, Telnames is taking this innovation one
step further. Anyone can now buy, build, update and share their own mobile-optimized site using
just their iPhone for only £14.99 per year. An iPhone and an Apple ID is all that it takes to set up a
subscription and immediately start promoting your business online.

The Telnames Mobile Website Builder empowers small business professionals of all types to control
how they are found in a fast-changing mobile world.


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