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Mobile Website Builder app for all customers !!!

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Mobile Website Builder app for all customers !!!

Post by TelFan on Sat 24 Nov 2012, 11:15 pm

Currently only 1 % (!) of .tel customers have access to the newest development; and this only if they pay a much higher price at Telnames:
Sunrise wrote:
TelKing wrote:.tel didn't need a new company for a better template; Telnic itself need a template like the one at Telnames (including subdomains).
Not only that!
Can you imagine the potential if Telnic would have provided the new Mobile Website Builder app for iPhone to all registrars?
Telnic could have developed it and let every registrar customize it with their logo and their individual sales price.

That is all it would have needed to provide the app to a large amount of prospects, but Telnic preferred to keep the new app only for themselves!
That is really, really bad!
TelKing wrote:It's bad and in addition a violation of the ICANN agreement:
Anonymous Operations

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Re: Mobile Website Builder app for all customers !!!

Post by Anonymous Operations on Sun 25 Nov 2012, 5:59 am

Interesting read about that business practice!

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Re: Mobile Website Builder app for all customers !!!

Post by fustachio.tel on Sun 25 Nov 2012, 6:01 am

Yes but registrars that absorb money from customers and don't bother doing any development should not have profits handed to them on a plate.

Clearly all this could have been done and more with the vast resource of money these re-seller registrars have taken not least from tel domain customers, I don't see why telnic should give everyone the same thing when it's clear they "the registrars" didn't invest or care about what they all ready had.

I understand if the POV is towards having a universal "style" like about.me aka theme and marketing approach but telnic is a free market formula which is the agreement they won from ICANN.

What's a free market formula? one which grants every registrar who want's to sell tel domains the ability to compete with telnames by making their own themes and proxy, not least upgrading their control panel to do advanced imports and exports with rss and other things without paying into the proxy program as it's available to every re-seller, they're not listening to their customers and even if name.com mentioned to me about a potential proxy I don't believe it as to me it's just sales talk to retain customers.

So they do neither they don't listen to telnic via what they could do with a tel development wise and they don't listen to their customers, so why give them more profits? that could go direct into development of a superior proxy aka telnames.

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Re: Mobile Website Builder app for all customers !!!

Post by Sponsored content

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