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.tel is going to be huge!

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.tel is going to be huge!

Post by Telnamer on Mon 26 Nov 2012, 9:10 am

Was it ever possible to set up a complete website within minutes only (including automated desktop and mobile view)?
Could you ever register a domain name and publish your website with your thumb only?
Do people want to read big websites on their cell phones or do they rather find contact data quickly?
Would SMBs not be happy to give their website a great look without using a website programmer?
What solution SMBs would prefer if they don't have a website yet?

.tel is the solution!

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Re: .tel is going to be huge!

Post by fustachio.tel on Mon 26 Nov 2012, 1:31 pm

I don't think people will give up their main sites so Telnames needs to put out some themes for those 3rd party sites (wordpress/joomla/drupal/forums) to match their product, they might as well be the world leader in simplifying peoples sites/information so when its linked to by the owner on their tel, the navigation matches and it's easy to "slide" between their tel site and their other url addresses..
If they do they can force the license of use to keep a link back to telnames, so even if someone uses it who does not have a telname they will be generating a steady click throughput, also it would be promoting telnames style, which seems to be based on twitters somewhat...
Anyway in the end anyone can ripoff the telnames theme and convert it, so if they do it at least it has their url link on it.

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