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I leave the Forum

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I leave the Forum

Post by silvano on Mon 26 Nov 2012, 5:29 pm

I leave.

When I registered my first .tel domain there wasn't crisis in the number of registrations, Telnames wasn't yet, there were five Telnic templates, there wasn't this Forum.

This Forum has been very helpful to me. The posts were always interesting and I found them useful.

I discovered that Telnic is a walking dead and that the future of .tel domains operated by Telnic is marked.

Maybe there's some hope for .tel domains managed by Telnames, but paying for a domain that has a single page, taken up for 60% by an image, not worth for me.

So I decided to leave, not developing more my .tels and maybe letting them drop on expiration.

... and I say goodbye to this Forum.


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Re: I leave the Forum

Post by mikeseaton on Mon 26 Nov 2012, 6:00 pm

@Silvano - sorry to see you go - but you're in good company with Jens (JH), Telrific and Rambo having also left recently as well.

The TV advertising (UK only) that will be starting soon is very good news, but there are of course still fundamental problems that need resolving, not the least of which is how Telnames is going to be perceived in the marketplace when it has ALL THE MARKETING for .tel BUT only JUST OVER 1% OF TOTAL REGISTRATIONS !

I'm going to wait and see how the Telnames operation pans out - but there needs to be a way to get Telnic subdomain .tels into Telnames template format without the owners having to spend over twice the cost (today £14.95 = $23.97) to do so.

One thing I am definitely going to do is to increase the price of my Premium Keyword .tels from their present ludicrously low levels !

Good luck in your future internet activities !


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Re: I leave the Forum

Post by Alex on Tue 27 Nov 2012, 2:21 am

silvano wrote:... and I say goodbye to this Forum.

It's always sad to see members leaving the forum.

Please consider the following:

  • A lot of complaints from members you can read here on the forum are related to unfortunate situations from the past.
  • Before 2012 .tel didn't offer a good looking template.
  • For the first time in .tel history serious marketing for Telnames (and for .tel) will start in December 2012.
  • Marketing for the US and the EU is announced as well.
  • Even the product is not perfect yet, the concept of Telnames is revolutionary.
  • No other technical solution offers the registration and management of domains faster, easier and cheaper than Telnames.
  • No other technical solution is so specialized in easy accessibility of contact data what supports the main purpose of mobile communication.
  • With all the SMB out there owning no website at all, .tel has a not countable amount of potential customers.

You also gave a lot of valuable content to this forum and your presence has been very much appreciated.

I hope we'll see you back soon, latest when the success for .tel will become visible.

Kind regards


I have left TelTalk.org. Please contact the new forum owner tel.community instead!
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Senior Member

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Re: I leave the Forum

Post by Boracay on Tue 27 Nov 2012, 3:26 am

TelTalk wrote:
silvano wrote:... and I say goodbye to this Forum.

It's always sad to see members leaving the forum.

Ha, felt like I was the last trooper over at telnic (and I too have left .tel a few times for whatever reasons, look elsewhere, take a cold shower)

In the end, the wheel does turn. (But I admit, It's hard to understand the time it takes to turn)
Alex has done a pretty good job over here.
Some chaos earlier perhaps.
But, there is discussion.
Well done Alex.

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Re: I leave the Forum

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