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dotTEL needs to be reinvented

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dotTEL needs to be reinvented

Post by TelFan on Thu 06 Dec 2012, 2:54 am

From NamePros:
For what it's worth, dotTEL needs to be reinvented. Here's one possible concept for a dotTEL makeover:

With hub based, centralized social network giants absorbing our data, images and user generated content, it's time for someone to come up with a Peer To Peer Social Network platform. Think of it as Napster style social networking.

Put a few brilliant coders and social network savants in a room and let them brainstorm how to reinvent dotTEL by incorporating the best of all social network hubs into a P2P compliant, portable, modular social network.

This would take the form of a decentralized, dotTEL template based network in which end users would maintain complete ownership and control of all user generated content. Portability would allow end users to "plug-in" or "unplug" from any compliant P2P social network on a modular basis. When all is said and done, what would emerge would be a social network structure in which end users have all the power and control.

In addition, as an improvement over "800/877/866" toll free numbers, dotTEL could be programmed so that dotTEL domain owners could choose to render the underlying phone number completely transparent - just like ip numbers are to dotCOM domain names. Then, a dotTEL domain name will actually become the phone number - not just a link to a phone number.

The psychological impact of this, alone, would totally change the public perception of what dotTEL represents!

Of course, if dialing a specific dotTEL domain name would result in charges of any kind (i.e., "976" numbers), a dialog box would appear with a warning. One final thought, how about incorporating voice recognition technology into a toll free "800" number or VOIP hub that would allow dotTEL domain names to be voice dialed from landlines and pay phones?

Put these concepts together, join forces with a major mobile provider and you've got a viable dotTEL for the 21st century!


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Re: dotTEL needs to be reinvented

Post by maxi on Thu 06 Dec 2012, 3:26 am

WordWalker from NamePros:
Put these concepts together, join forces with a major mobile provider and you've got a viable dotTEL for the 21st century!
The enthusiasm would be a very good thing - if it would be not such an expensive thing in case with TEL.

Perhaps the author of that post at NamePros should one more time to think about renewing his number+word_TEL domains:
In the meantime, I'll be renewing the following dotTEL domain names consisting of these keywords:


www.Dailininkas.com _ www.Painting-Artist.com _ www.Aquarelica.com

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