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Telnic's policy

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Telnic's policy

Post by Poseidon on Fri 14 Dec 2012, 4:13 pm

Due to the silence from Telnic a lot of speculations are going on about .tel. But if I think it over, everything is very easy to explain. Telnic changed the code of conduct a few years ago:
1. No response to any criticism
2. No public revelation of activities and strategies
3. Strong cut of costs after early targets couldn't be accomplished
4. No support for the domain industry as in 2009
5. Observation and analysis the success of ongoing activities before drawing new conclusions
6. No product adjustments before a new scenario is being developed based on new facts
7. No influence by externals
8. Giving up previous distribution channels with little success
It should be clear the guys at Telnic have nothing bad in mind. They have just become careful after things haven't moved as fast as hoped for.
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Re: Telnic's policy

Post by Natal on Fri 14 Dec 2012, 4:28 pm

Many have a wrong picture of Telnic. If you compare Telnic 2012 with Telnic 2009, they don't have the great service anymore. But if you compare Telnic with other companies, they are not bad at all. The only disadvantage is that Telnic don't pamper their customers anymore as a few years back. But otherwise they act only like any other profit-oriented company in the world, too.

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