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I give up!

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Junior Member

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I give up!

Post by Poseidon on Sun 30 Dec 2012, 3:38 pm

Before the turn of the year I've reconsidered my investment in TEL. 2009 I've registered some excellent landrush domains for TEL. The idea of TEL is great and so I tried to be patient, because I expected a success in the long run, although the early years have been disappointing. I've always waited for the start of the creation of useful TEL design or the integration in some new services. Evidently this opportunity is huge and targets seemed possible to be reached.

But I was watching the work results from Telnic, too. And I'm more disappointed than I've ever expected I would be:
- Telnic doesn't develop TEL or Telpages.
- Telnic restricts the development to the own company.
- Telnic doesn't listen to their customers.
- Telnic doesn't maintain the relationships to important companies and already involved people.
- Telnic launches products only in underdeveloped status, last seen with Telnames.
- Telnic doesn't show any improvements and no flexibility at all.
- Telnic is working with the principle "trial and error" only.

Doesn't matter how great the idea of TEL may be, with such an attitude it will be impossible to sell a product.
Luck for all remaining believers. You'll have the opportunity to catch some really great TEL domains dropping coming summer!

I doubt this will change anything, but here my last advice for Telnic: Stop making any marketing for Telnames and invest the saved money into website design for TEL domains. FIRST THINGS FIRST!
Telnic doesn't even have to work for it. I guess Mark Kolb could finish it in only one week.

But far too much words!



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Re: I give up!

Post by maxi on Sun 30 Dec 2012, 6:00 pm

Poseidon wrote:The idea of TEL is great...
Yes, you are right in this.

The truth also is that it is not enough to have a great idea to get into success. The rest team's work also should be great. It is like in a movie-making business: if you want to make a great film, it is not enough to have great plot/scenario for that film but also you need to have great actors in that film, great soundtrack, great film-operator, and a great film-producer and director, and great promotion. Only then you can hope that summary work of this team will result in success.

It is pity, but it seems that from all possible trumps in case with TEL currently we have only the "great plot/scenario".

Poseidon wrote:...in TEL. 2009 I've registered some excellent landrush domains for TEL.
I also invested (or wasted) enough money in Landrush domains. As an owner of few Landrush TELs, I would advice you not to drop them - as I would not drop mine. It is a long game with TEL, it is a kind of marathon, and who knows what could happen after a year, or after two years, or after three? If you want to reduce the financial pressure of keeping lot of domains, then drop all domains you do not need, but better spend yearly those $10 for renewing each Landrush TEL you have.

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