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Adblock whitelist


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Adblock whitelist

Post by fustachio.tel on Wed 02 Jan 2013, 2:37 pm

On the sub domain .tel design the main picture we're allowed to put up gets blocked by the popular extension adblock, however the 2 custom images on the right seem to be immune to being blocked in (opera), Google chrome is a complete block as I would assume is the case with other browsers with adblock extensions.
So considering telnic have so many customers and tel has so little space though I'm also guessing not many who can utilize images at this time, I would still think that it would be justified time for telnic (if they do updates/tweeks) to approach the makers of the adblock list to get all tel domains pre-whitelisted at least for just the 3 images or to work out what type of code they don't count as "ads", which might be just the ability to include some form of marker to state it's not an pay/click advert or work out how to fake that it's part of the theme so it's loaded regardless, though the issue might be due to image size in how it picks up it's likely an advert so shrinking it by 1 or growing it by 1 might make it show as then it would no longer conform to default ad standards..

Adblock is incredibly popular so spending time working out how to make sure your customers images show regardless of what browser and adblock extension they install should be worth while as not everyone wants to use it as advert space to rent out to make cash and want to use it to display their own things for other reasons and expect them to show on load regardless.
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Re: Adblock whitelist

Post by Boracay on Wed 02 Jan 2013, 8:17 pm

This is very very important. Could you post this at the telnic forum?

Now that image Ads are useful as interface elements (the click is now staying within the .tel) blockage of those images are yet another hiccup along the way to the template design.

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