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Hresume micro format by the end of this year.

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Hresume micro format by the end of this year.

Post by Bunjie on Tue 15 May 2012, 11:43 am

This has to be implemented, so that .tel is prepared for network operators to utilize it in the future for quick data transfer when you call about a job.


It should not be public and should be encrypted with better encryption. .tel should be pushing the micro format in every conceivable direction behind the benign contact card, people should be seeing .tel as their micro format 'database' behind it with a set standard of setups stored on 'profiles' we can't switch to make public but will be available through the back end api system to companies and services who need access to that set of data, we can't just have a contact card without any secure and easy to transfer link to a resume, we can put in a resume web link but this is not creating a 'standard' in the industry so other services build .tel into their systems to utilize it.

Allowing people to put in a web link if they feel like it, with any weird and strange document format that might have a virus is not creating a standard for .tel cross system development.

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