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Show "Manage" link on .tel page, via IP option.


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Show "Manage" link on .tel page, via IP option.

Post by fustachio.tel on Fri 04 Jan 2013, 12:18 pm

I like the Show "Manage" link on .tel page option however I don't use it because I don't like people figuring out where to try and get access to my domain, so I would like a 3rd option not just On or Off but On if IP, as you know the last IP I connected to the control panel from in the last 24 hours, if the proxy detects someone most likely me views the telpage from that IP it should show the mange link to me.
Then if me or someone is doing a bit of maintenance in the previous 24hours it can make things a little easier and disappear when not necessary but show to no one else but likely me or someone who I have granted access to the CP.
Obviously to see that link again aka renew the via IP, I would have to login to the CP after 24hours but it would show to me "the same IP" only for another 24 hours until I login maybe with a new IP.
I realize from a first login point its pointless but from a doing maintenance and not wanting it showing all the time, just over 24 hours it would perhaps make things a little quicker if having other things to do, and not using bookmarks, so if I want to go back and not have to type to get to the CP and not have to worry anyone else might see it, it would be nice.
Also the page in the CP should open on the page I want to edit, not just the top of the directory tree, so it makes it useful if I find something I want to quick fix on a page I can click the manage link that would still be showing to my IP as I had logged in the CP in the last 24 hours and it opens on the directory tree of the sub domain page I clicked it on.
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Re: Show "Manage" link on .tel page, via IP option.

Post by Boracay on Fri 04 Jan 2013, 9:53 pm

You have some wonderful ideas. But this is not Wordpress, nor a plug-in architecture.
Perhaps some of the ideas are realized only via mark or telcp's tools. You could ask mark (I'm sure he would try to make it possible) , this cookie management easily done via www.telvision.co

You simply mass insert a "manage page" link on all your pages. Do away with the telnic one alltogether. This is also great for self-managed customer pages in a directory.

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